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7/11/2019 Becca has been the one and only groomer of our Australian labradoodle puppy and she has done a great job. She is calm and has a great way with dogs. She also trimmed my neighbors Labrador's nails as she has anxiety when she goes to the vet clinic and Becca was just as her name suggests: gentle! I'd highly recommend her to anyone that might prefer an in home service to a storefront groomer. Thanks for taking great care of our pup!

-Erin M

7/11/19 Becca is our neighbor and we have been using her service for years now. I love how clean and well trimmed butters look after grooming. Thank you for taking such good care of her!! -Yi. N

"Due to my busy schedule, grooming time used to be a major headache for me. In addition the anxiety of my dog being left in a kennel waiting for hours at the groomers. Thankfully, I found Becca! I highly recommend her for the following reasons: 1.Convenient (I mean she comes to you!) 2. Efficient and Time Saving 3. Safe + Secure (Becca is in and out and not just that..your pet feels secure in his/her own home) 4. Price (let's just say I have checked all around..and really there was no reason not to go with Becca..and plus you can't put a price on the time you save and gas =). I am a very satisfied client."

-Helena C.

March 31, 2011 Rebecca has been grooming our Sunshine for almost 2 years now. She responds quickly to appointment requests and is very flexible. Sunshine always gets a great haircut. Rebecca also does a good job of cleaning up afterwards. – Myla

10/2/2009 Becca is great! We are soooo happy we found her because we have had some nightmare situations around here in Oakland with the dog groomers. She comes to your house and comes for the same price it is for me to take them in somewhere and leave them for 5 hrs! It only took 2 hrs for both of my Shih-tzu's! Even though my dogs aren't fans of grooming I bet they liked it better than siting in a foreign place in a cage all day. Cute cuts to boot! We will definitely be continuin

g to call Becca for our dog grooming needs. Definitely call Becca, she is fantastic!

--Amoreena B.

12/11/2009 My dog is an older rescue dog that is extremely nervous being groomed. She cowered in 2 groomer shops, as she seemed to sense what went on there. One groomer did not even want to deal with her. Once Sasha sensed that Becca was here for grooming, my dog became very nervous. I had to hold her while Becca shaved her belly and cleaned her paws because she tried to bite many times.

Becca was extremely gentle, and brave enough to continue. She never hurt Sasha, even though she squirmed, growled and bared her teeth. In the end, after a bath and a cut, she was quite happy and excited. She even kept going back to visit Becca while she cleaned up. I initially wanted to save money and groom her myself, but what I paid for Becca to come to my home and perform the tasks my dog would not allow me or anyone else to do, was definitely worth it!

--Martha O.

12/24/2009 Our dog Izze was extremely matted (she's a cockapoo). In addition she is a rather skittish pup so it worked out great that Rebecca came to our house. Rebecca was skilled and obviously knew how to deal with Izze's matted hair. She had to shave her which wasn't easy since the matted hair was all over and very close to her skin. She did a nice job smoothing out the buzz after the bath. I was very pleased with the results. Becca's rates were quite reasonable considering she provides this service in your own home.

--Corrine J.

2/7/2011 Becca did a great job on my old, frail pooch today. My dog has been going to groomers for years, but she has reached an advanced age and I don't want to stress her out. My dog is larger than most that Becca grooms, but she agreed to come and meet the dog, trim her nails and see what else she could do. She ended up grooming her nose-to-tail. She was prompt, affordable and very gentle (as advertised) with my dog.


Becca strongly supports rescue and encourages anyone seeking a new friend to contact a rescue or shelter.